Do you need a custom applications to be able to complete a specific task, A system that will improve workflow and accessibility. for example, a stock trading web site

Custom Software Development

Our application types can either integrate with the CMS (Content Management System) and DMS (Document Management System) base applications or be stand-alone applications catered to specific needs.

To assist with your campaign to success we first carry out a detailed audit. We actualise a structured breakdown of how all the components will interact with each other and where they will fit into the bigger picture.

Subsequent to the audit, we do the software programming. Dependant on the complexity and functions required we will supply you with a structured project plan, dating the completed phases for rollout.

Once you are comfortable with the software and workflow processes have been ironed out, we load it to your server and the site components are live. If preferred, your tailor-made system can be loaded to our server.Running your system on our server will afford you time-efficient assistance from ur team.

Mapping and GIS Integration

We can develop and integrate mapping components for various types of applications. The integration also allows for shape files to be imported and managed, dependent on the system requirements. The software can also tie in to tracking services.

Our software has an easy, understandable and changeable interface and allows for the following:

  • Geofencing
  • Alerts and notifications (SMS and E-mail)
  • Customisation via a secure administration system
  • Online payment integration with quotes and invoices related to each reference request
  • GPS integration and direct layering on top of the Google mapping platform - which allows for Africa coverage
  • Real-time awareness to tracking devices dependant on relevance of towers
  • Multi layer select options dependant on client requirements
  • Reports and various graphing outputs
  • Specific workflow outputs / integration and "paper-trail" on all functions
  • Secure dedicated SSL service with one access entry point

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