Mobile Development

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


We truly care about our customers

Retina Ready

Get the best design that will not give you an eye sore with flexible design and look

Unlimited Options

Be able to do what ever you want, Need to be able to change your Language then do it with a Simple Button


Don't let your users wait for the application to load for ages with good performance

Fully Reposnive

Be able to use the application on any Smart Device and any Screen Size

Clean Design

A Clean Design and theme can make your application feel like a Premium Product and that is what it will be.


Be able to make what ever you want with your application make it great.

We empower organisations to take full advantage of modern mobility. We provide the programming and design skill to execute applications flawlessly with expert design, engineering, and project management resources.

Mobile Device Solutions

Tec-Novation technologies have emerged as an important contributor to the mobile development arena with our extensive experience in strategising, developing, implementing and maintaining integrated mobile apps and content delivery to hand-held mobile devices.

Africa with its limited reach of fixed-line telecoms infrastructures and other information media, in combination with rapid growth in the mobile sector, represents a fertile ground for mobile Internet services and handset penetration promoting the need for any brand or campaign to have a Tec-Novation created mobile strategy.

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