Creating a website that is right for you and your customers is important to establish your brand and make your customers come back for more.

Static Websites

Our static website packages allow you to have a basic website developed at a fraction of the cost to the normal CMS systems. Maintenance can be carried out by us but if you have basic editing knowledge, you would be able to edit the content yourself.

We have packages available as a stepping stone to help you being positioned in the market and from thereon, progress to the CMS systems.

The packages are presented in such a way that you can get going right from the start with the website of your choice.

We can easily convert the static content sites to CMS systems at a any stage. You are welcome to contact us should you have any further requirements so that we can tailor-make your website for you.

Content Management Systems "CMS"

The Content Management System is an in-house developed tool which allows administrators to manage their websites online via a secure login administration system.The system links via a MySQL database to the front interface and allows administrative users to add, edit and delete information and pages as required.

Our CMS website packages allow you to have a dynamic (database integrated) website developed. Maintenance to your site can be done by yourself.

Ease of use and easy integration with all our other software components. The system is dynamic which means that you can add, edit and delete pages and content as required.

The user-friendly administration system helps to manipulate information on the go and requires very little to no knowledge of programming as the interface is quick to learn and implement.

Clean Design

Make your Website pleasing to your customers eyes

Mobile Access

Be able to access your Website on your Mobile

Easy to Edit

We can edit it for you or you can do it yourself from our CMS system

Happy Customers

make you Customers happy with simple design and interface

What will it Cost

Static START

R 1999 Once off

  • 1-5 Page Static
  • Fluid-Design
  • Free month hosting*
  • Free Setup
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R7999 Once off

  • 1-15
  • Fluid Design
  • Free Month hosting*
  • Free Setup
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
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Custom Once off

  • Unlimited
  • Fluid Design
  • Free Month Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • CMS (Content management System)
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*After free month of hosting is up it will be R175pm for hosting Click here to Download our Website specification Document

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